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Good Tech for India: Using tech to make a difference

Dec 29, 2020

IBM believes in the power of #GoodTech in solving vital challenges that global communities face as part of its core business strategy. For us, Good Tech is all about using ‘smart’ technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain or hybrid cloud for the good of everyone. While globally Good Tech is in our DNA, IBM India leads in putting smart to work with several key initiatives in healthcare, agriculture and skilling. Significantly, IBM India’s commitment intertwines with the Government of India’s vision to empower the citizens, particularly the youth, using technology.


Indian Government is using technology to empower its citizens through transparency, to deliver services seamlessly, skill and make its youth employment-ready following the goal of a self-reliant (Aatma Nirbhar) India. IBM India has pledged support to realize the Government’s vision of a Digital and Skilled India. To this effect, IBM India is supporting significant communities such as farmers, frontline COVID warriors, teachers, students and youth to help them build technology skills.


Skilling in STEM for a bright future

To empower high school girl students to thrive in the digital economy, IBM launched the STEM for Girls India. It is a three-year program (starting from the eighth standard) for imparting digital literacy and coding skills alongside career development and empowerment. The goal is to inculcate STEM skills and improve career prospects of over 2,00,000 girls and 1,00,000 boys too by making them employment-ready. The project began in 2019 and now spans 10 states, 600 secondary schools 78,000 girls and 45,000 boys.


It assumes significance, as the new-collar jobs today demand technical skills in AI, data science, cybersecurity etc. These subjects require a knowledge base to be built in STEM during secondary and higher education.

IBM is also working closely with various state governments to help develop STEM skills among students. For instance, we signed an agreement with Andhra Pradesh State Skills Development Corporation, Government of Andhra Pradesh to establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE). The CoE will provide high-end training in coding, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, Big Data and data analytics, cybersecurity and full-stack development. IBM joined hands with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge, Government of Telangana as well to offer ‘Open P-TECH’, a digital education platform. Under the partnership, IBM is providing P-Tech for learning emerging technologies and building professional development skills like design thinking to 30,000 students from polytechnic and engineering streams.


IBM India has tied up with Government of India departments like Department of Science & Technology (DST) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as well to propagate STEM skills. IBM is promoting STEM learning through the DST’s Vigyan Jyoti initiative helping meritorious girls from ninth to 12 standards to pursue STEM in their higher education. With the CBSE, IBM India is integrating AI in the high school curriculum (11th and 12th standard) for the academic year (2020 – 2021), in about 200 schools across 13 states.


The overarching aim of all these collaborations is to work together with key stakeholders in making the digital era more inclusive and contribute to a self-reliant India built on the backbone of technology. Together with the Government, IBM India is committed to strive to make Good Tech work for everyone by solving real problems that various communities are facing cutting across key sectors. At IBM, we will continue to put smart and emerging technologies to work and invest in skilling towards achieving Digital and Skilled India.

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