Cement Manufacturing Industry bets on tech to address supply chain gaps & drive efficiency

A perspective by Manish Kapur, Brand Sales Specialist, IBM Storage

I was talking to one of our manufacturing clients recently, and it is interesting to see how our conversations have evolved. We are not talking about piloting technologies in pockets anymore… the focus has shifted to organisation-wide #digitaltransformation. While all industries are on board, manufacturing sectors like the cement are betting big on technology.
India is the world’s second-largest cement market, both in production and consumption. No wonder these companies are looking at beefing-up their production to address the gaps in supply chain. Cement manufacturers are using leading-edge technologies such as #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning, and #VirtualReality to optimize operational decisions, improve processes, bring in supply chain efficiency, drive better cost and revenue decisions.
What makes us confident is that we are witnessing this trend in action on ground. We recently partnered with Shree Cement Ltd. to help them build their infrastructure. They are leveraging #IBMPowerSystems and #IBMFlashStorage and #Hybridcloud capabilities to transform and grow their domestic and international business. While advising the client on their IT migration, IBM team also considered the client's growth for the next three years. We kept in mind the scalability for future business expansion, ensured maximum hardware utilization and saved database software license costs.
#ShreeCement is one of the many companies, building on their digital capabilities to thrive in the #postpandemic era. Optimistically speaking, the trend is likely to gain a strong momentum as the manufacturing industry continues to build on its strengths while taking a great leap towards #innovation.

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