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Turtlemint enhances seamless application performance monitoring with IBM Instana Observability

Nov 6, 2023

In today's digital landscape, the importance of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) has gained significant traction as organizations employ multiple applications across their business. According to IBM’s 2022 Global AI Adoption Index, a staggering 73% of organizations have expressed their keen interest in adopting APM as part of their automation software or toolset. A seamless APM approach emphasizes the need for uninterrupted monitoring and analysis throughout the entire application stack, from the front-end user interface to the back-end infrastructure.

While organizations employ tools to track the performance of their applications, oftentimes these tools fall short in accurately identifying and addressing critical issues within applications in a timely manner. In the insurance sector, where a seamless customer experience is paramount, the need for enhanced application monitoring efficiency becomes even more vital. Hence, adopting and leveraging advanced and meticulous APM solutions has become a necessity.

This is why, Turtlemint, an online insurance company, made a strategic decision to undergo a comprehensive revamp of its APM capabilities. This initiative was driven by the necessity to closely monitor their new mobile application with intelligent actions. By implementing advanced APM solutions, Turtlemint aimed to proactively identify performance barriers to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

"To keep pace with the evolving market scenario, organizations need to embrace technological advancements and adapt to changing customer expectations. Thus, we wanted to proactively monitor the performance of our platform by leveraging advanced APM solutions to ensure improved response time, enhanced user experience, and proactive issue detection,” said Swapnil Gawas, Vice President, Engineering, Turtlemint.

To address these requirements, IBM engaged with a customer-first approach to ensure commitment to the success of Turtlemint’s initiative and collaborated with Onnivation to implement IBM Instana Observability. It is a SaaS-based tool that goes beyond traditional APM solutions by democratizing observability using cutting-edge technology. It provides real-time insights which helps organizations to proactively monitor, analyse, and optimize their applications for enhanced outcome and reliability. IBM Instana also delivers continuous high-fidelity data at 1-second granularity and end-to-end traces with the context of logical and physical dependencies across mobile, web, and applications infrastructures.

“At IBM, our goal is to combine observability with artificial intelligence to create self-healing, self-optimizing infrastructure that can predict application performance issues based on system outputs, resolve them before they impact the end-user experience or operations, and even take actions to optimize application performance, all without management intervention,” explains Siddhesh Naik, Country Leader, Data, AI & Automation software, Technology Sales, IBM India & South Asia.

“Every metric IBM Instana collects is at 1-second resolution with no sampling – it monitors the entire data. Most other tools do so at 10 second granularity. This coupled with the fact that it delivers the context needed to take intelligent actions, ensures optimum application performance. Moreover, we differentiate ourselves with a pricing model that is simple, predictable, and transparent with no surprises,” he adds.

According to Swapnil Gawas, “IBM Instana emerged as the ideal choice for Turtlemint due to its ability to accelerate time to market and deliver tangible benefits. With its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, advanced analytics and seamless integration, Instana has modernized our APM process allowing us to stay relevant with customer expectations where performance is a key differentiator.”

The seamless integration of Instana into Turtlemint's IT environment has streamlined operations and empowered their teams to make data-driven decisions for improved application management.

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