Opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSP) in a decentralized, disrupted marketplace


A perspective by Subrata Ghosh - Industry Leader, Telco, Media & Entertainment, IBM Consulting, India

The disruptions in the Telco market offer opportunities for the market leading CSPs. While many CSPs have been early adopters of Virtual Assist technologies using conversational AI for external customers, they are yet to achieve the expected value to assist their internal agents and users. This is where IBM Consulting can bring in proven conversational AI solutions to drive efficiencies at scale and achieve cost savings for each conversation.

The radical switch to move from proprietary software and hardware to open source software and open source network has brought in a big revolution in managing core network processes and even enabling open RAN technologies. IBM Consulting will bring forth technology frameworks that are vendor agnostic and flexible, allows interoperability with significant savings in network capex and opex.

With decentralized finance, CSPs can lead the way in providing cross-border payment platforms for their customers. A large telecom company in China has built a SuperApp that provides a number of marketplace functions including a payment platform. Another Telco in Africa is also looking to build to similar SuperApp to drive personalized digital experiences on cross-industry verticals like travel app, television watching experience, online messaging etc. IBM Consulting can engage with CSPs in defining this digital enterprise journey and help monetize their existing base.

The blending of complementary technologies like 5G, EDGE and AI will result in creation of new revenue streams for Telcos across several industry vertical use case platforms – connected cars, connected homes, connected manufacturing, remote healthcare, AR/VR in retail/ entertainment to name a few. IBM Consulting will play a key role in enabling CSPs to provide just-in-time services for their enterprise customers leveraging network slicing, zero touch operations, bring forth digital twins for performance insights as well as proactive recovery capabilities.