Healthcare & Pharma transformation rides on robust IT infrastructure


A perspective by Pradhan Abhisek, BSPS, Technology Power, Systems Sales


Technology has always been an intrinsic part of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry but given what we witnessed in the past two years… I believe it has assumed a renewed focus altogether. Apart from being essential to survival, this Industry has emerged as a key economic driver.

Today the use of technology in the healthcare and pharma sector is helping improve the quality of patient care - especially those chronically sick, hospital management, enabling swift drug discovery and facilitating early detection of diseases. All these aspects are further witnessing a significant change through the usage of #hybridcloud computing designs and rapid adoption of #AI.

So, how does this translate in the Indian context? Well, given our socio-economic ecosystem, today one of the key focus areas is to leverage the right technology mix to extend affordable, last-mile delivery of medicines and healthcare services. Now, this calls for a robust IT infrastructure.

As organizations integrate technologies, it is critical to strengthen the IT infrastructure in sync with their hybrid cloud strategy and budget to meet the current and ever-evolving future requirements. Sound storage and infrastructure are also critical to maximize performance, draw data insights and enhance business resilience in a cost-effective manner. 

The good news is… we are already witnessing an increased focus in this area. The digital transformation of Mankind Pharma, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company, presents an interesting analogy. Mankind Pharma is using secure and high-performance IBM Power Servers and IBM Flash Storage with the latest technology and Hybrid Cloud capabilities to transform and grow their business while enhancing efficiency. And several other firms are following suit.

India’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry has witnessed a paradigm shift and is poised to gain further momentum. A strategic technology mix with a strong IT infrastructure at heart will define its future growth.

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