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Building resilience for the manufacturing and industrial sectors

Nov 29, 2021


A perspective by Sanjay Guhathakurta - Industry Leader, Industrial Products, IBM Consulting, India
Manufacturing and industrial sectors are pillars that build nations. And we should all be proud of how the sector has survived and thrived despite the pandemic. But, now is the time to learn lessons and build resilience. Resilience is the key to the future and these tough times have shown that it is not only about revenue generation, but it is also about the investments in the right areas that are needed to weather the economic storm, and to strengthen the future. 

These are three key transformation drivers that should catapult manufacturers into the future, shake off legacy challenges of the past, and hard wire resilience into every investment we make. IBM Consulting is here to help and support manufacturers and show where resilience matters for now and the future – to handle challenges that lie ahead.
  • For the Plant – Smart factories, build greater predictability and product intelligence through digital twin solutions. 
  • For the Processes – Sustainable operations, predictive sourcing, predictive maintenance and complete transparency in supply chain ecosystems. 
  • For the People –Stronger cybersecurity, automated manual processes, virtual factory workforce support and tailored management analytics. 
The world enters into a new post-pandemic world, with expectations of a leaner and optimised system. However, for most manufacturing companies, the journey between the current and future states has only begun. It requires investments in time and careful planning – however, the payoffs are quite substantial. IBM Consulting is committed to being the perfect partner of choice for our clients to enable them to succeed in this journey. 

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