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Bajaj Capital Limited modernizes application monitoring to identify and fix issues in seconds

Mar 6, 2024

Managing a complex technology landscape of mission-critical applications and data running across on-premises and public cloud platforms can be a formidable task, not forgetting the stress it causes. The IT team at Bajaj Capital Limited (BCL) often experienced this when managing the company's large application landscape. Therefore they upgraded their application monitoring tool with IBM's Instana Observability to get contextualized performance data for rapid identification of issues and actionable insights to take immediate action. This meant that BCL’s IT team was able to solve application issues before they impacted their customer’s user experience.

BCL application landscape comprises financial advisory, mutual funds, insurance, customer relationship management, and other intranet and productivity applications. Since there were no alerting mechanisms, health checks of its applications were manual and reactive. BCL encountered several performance degradation issues for its Customer Relationship Management application hosted on a leading cloud provider’s server. Not having an application performance management solution denied BCL the ability to check applications' health and performance.  

"BCL relies on a complex web of applications to function, whose performance needs to be comprehensively monitored. We cannot afford any application delay or downtime, as it would significantly impact customer satisfaction," said Aabhinna Suresh Khare, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer and Head Strategy, BCL.

To meet the critical need of bringing in a new generation of observability, IBM's Instana Observability was chosen.

"We needed a fully automated Enterprise Observability solution designed explicitly for managing microservice and cloud-native applications and therefore opted for IBM's Instana Observability. We found it an ideal fit as it offers automatic, continuous discovery of full application stacks and real-time analysis without human intervention. We were impressed by the technical and functional aspects of the solution," added Aabhinna Suresh Khare.

Leveraging on Instana's complete end-to-end transaction tracing is helping BCL identify issues in seconds and fix them instantly. Instana is also helping BCL get a full-stack view of its applications, and its AI-powered automation is identifying resource congestion before the end-user experience is impacted.

"For example, we have multiple applications running on servers, Instana helped us uncover erroneous call rates within a specific application. Further analysis revealed problematic API calls and sluggish MySQL queries hindering user access. Utilizing Instana's latency data, we were able to optimize both the API and database connectivity, resulting in a significant improvement in application responsiveness and a much smoother user experience," noted Aabhinna Suresh Khare.

The DevOps engineers, SREs, Application Developers, Application Owners, and the infrastructure team at BCL are now proactively monitoring applications and infrastructure, understanding the root cause of every issue, keeping all systems running at maximum reliability, monitoring alerts and incidents, and are able to analyze the business impact.

Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited enhancing customer interactions

Similarly, Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited (BCIBL) which is owned and operated by BCL needed to ensure that its over six hundred thousand clients who depend on its transaction and service portal have a pleasant experience when they visit the portal. The customized CRM application that employees of BCIBL were using for various documentations was facing performance degradation issues. The deployment of IBM’s Instana on their portal has enabled the DevOps and application teams to immediately find any issue and dependencies with AI-driven context and alerts, while helping understand and optimize customer interactions with the portal.

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