Akhtar Ali

Vice President of IBM Systems

Akhtar Ali is a Vice President in IBM Systems with a dual role of managing the India Software Development Lab (ISDL) and the HPC, AI & Cloud Software Development team in Cognitive Systems. In the ISDL role he is responsible for overseeing development activities across a broad hardware & software portfolio spanning our Z, Power and Storage products. He also drives the strategy and execution of the Spectrum Computing Suite of offerings including Symphony, LSF, Conductor and ICP products and the IBM HPC software stack. Prior to this role he was responsible for all software and firmware development related to IBM Systems and Technology (STG) group’s Blades and Modular (x86) and PureFlex Program offerings.

Before joining STG in 2008, Akhtar was the Director of Development for the Financial Services Solutions organization in Software Group. In that role he oversaw the development of solution offerings from a worldwide team in the areas of retail banking, financial markets and electronic payments.

Akhtar started his IBM career more than 28 years ago in Mid Hudson Valley working on Logic Synthesis and Design Automation for the S390 platform. He subsequently joined Software group and has been active in the solutions area, especially for Finance sector, before moving to STG. He holds a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) and a PhD in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University (New York).