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Technology powering growth in renewable energy sector

Nov 26, 2021


A perspective by Devang Sheth, Associate Partner, IBM Consulting, India/South Asia

If we were to think about one global phenomenon impacting all of us alike, the first thing that comes to the mind is #ClimateChange. And tackling it calls for meaningful and timely collective action. The urgency to control the ongoing climate crisis has led to a greater impetus on the use of Renewable Energy.


There is no doubt that renewable energy has revolutionized the world. Few would have predicted the scope of new concepts being developed, that are helping countries #decarbonize economies and invest heavily in renewable energy sources.


India aims to generate 60% of energy from renewable energy sources by 2030. There have been recent announcements to increase the renewable energy target from 175 GW 2022 to 450 GW by 2030. The change sparked by renewable energy continues at unprecedented speed, further leading to deep technology intervention in the sector.


In fact, technologies like machine learning, AI, Hybrid Cloud and Data Analytics are playing a major role in the multiple areas like market operations, asset, maintenance operation and cost optimization amongst others.


Today, use of renewable energy is a key market differentiator and organisations like @Virescent Infrastructure are betting big on it. @IBM has collaborated with Virescent to help redesign their processes for better business outcomes through automation and improved governance. And the trend is catching up.


We are witnessing an increased client interest in developing advanced models to get insights into different energy consumption models. Technology is serving as a key facilitator to help explore effective energy balancing and distributed energy resources (DER). We are working closely with clients to help them strike the right balance using technology. The future truly belongs to renewable energy. What is important, however, is to identify the right technology that can power it sustainably.


Click here to learn more about the Virescent Infrastructure case study.


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